Robin Bengtsson
Robin Bengtsson first hit the public eye in 2008 when he participated in season 5 of Swedish Idol. He finished third behind winner Kevin Borg and runner-up Alice Svensson. In 2009, he released his debut single “Another Lover's Gone". The following year, Robin took part in the charity song "Wake Up World" for "Hjälp Haiti" with Karl Martindahl and Daniel "The Moniker" Karlsson and also performed the song "Long Long Night" with Kim Fransson (Made in Sweden). Later that year, he participated in the Swedish version of Wipeout, reaching the final round and finishing in second place.

In 2016, he made his Melodifestivalen debut with mid-tempo song "Constellation Prize" - the song was well received and reached the final, finishing in fifth place. Later that year, he released the single ’Stevie Wonder’ which became a summer hit in Sweden and was well received on radio. He entered Melodifestivalen 2017 earlier this year with the song "I Can't Go On. After seamlessly reaching the grand final, he won the hearts of the juries and audience, going on to win the competition with his slick, polished stage performance.

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