Joakim With Steen aka JOWST (27) is a fan of pop music and opponent of the Law of Jante. Selects Spotify rather than vinyl. Netflix above BluRay. Is good at guitar, but has "keyboard and mouse" as principal. He is creative, inclusive, impatient, innovative, curious, enthusiastic and possess a drive that allows him complete his goal. "I do not understand why we should have free on every Sunday and quit early on Fridays and days with extra fine weather. If I had a boring job, so I might though it. But we live once and I want to get done as much as possible, as quickly as possible. And lucky show so I work with what I want to work on. as long as the name of the day ends with "day" so it's just a day for me. " As the age of fifteen in Tr√łndelag was the focus on guitar, punk, songwriting and band. After finishing music producer-education on Noroff, where he subsequently worked as a teacher, he started Red Line Studio where he has worked as a sound engineer and producer since 2011, but it is only with the project "Making A Hit" and song Grab The Moment that he has focused on his own music and JOWST. "Working as a sound engineer and producer for many others in all possible genres, reflected enough in productions mine. And I'm a fan of mixing genres. It's such a new genre going, and that's how to make something that sounds new out".

In a closed Facebook group he let friends follow, and provide feedback on, the whole process of writing and producing Grab The Moment. The goal of creating his own music is to achieve something more, push themselves beyond the comfort zone. Something he feels he is doing by participating in MGP. "I thanked partial refusal to participate in Eurovision when I got the offer, but then I remembered what the song was about, so now I go from playing on school closings, to play in Oslo Spektrum and a million TV viewers. The next goal must be playing in the Ukraine, for over a hundred million viewers.

With Grab The Moment he wants to inspire others to do the same advantage of the chances you get and if you do not feel that you get the chances you deserve: create them yourself!

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