The fictional character Conchita was created by her alter ego the Austrian Singer and Drag Artist Tom Neuwirth in 2011.

Conchita owes her existence to the fact that Tom had to cope with discrimination for nearly his entire life. Therefore he created the woman with the beard. An eye-catching statement for tolerance and against discrimination. A catalyst for discussions about terms like “different” or “normal”. To spread his message unmistakeably around the world: Look, gender and ethnic origin are completely “wurst” (meaning it does not matter in German), when it comes to dignity and freedom of every individual being.

Tom, who was born on 6th of November 1988, took part in the Austrian talent show “Starmania” in 2007 where he became second. Conchita’s first public appearance was in another Austrian talent show called “Die grosse Chance” which is the Austrian version of Britain's Got Talent. In 2012, Conchita competed in Austria’s national Eurovision pre-selection contest but only became second. In 2014, Conchita won the 59 th Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen for Austria , shot to worldwide fame and became a figurehead of the global LGBT community.

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